What is the added value of importing from China?


With the competitive advantage of China's low cost of labour and wages much lower than in “developed” countries, China is emerging as the “world’s factory”, a fact that can no longer be denied. Therefore most of the products manufactured in China are most price-competitive on their arrival in your country.


Are you a broker or a consultant?

  Our mission is to help manufacturers, entrepreneurs, traders or individuals,wanting to import products from China  by the selection of a manufacturer and eventually, by the smooth running of the export process.


What are the payment terms? Is an invoice issued?

Payment rules in China are straightforward: the goods must be paid before leaving the Chinese territory, hence the importance of having French intermediation on site, which will ensure to you that the products have been effectively manufactured and that they comply with your expectations.

The manufacturer usually requires generally a cash advance of 30% of the order total amount before starting production, the balance being paid against BL, on completion. Pictures or samples, at your convenience, can be sent to you before cash transfer.

An invoice is issued before each payment made by bank transfer on our company count.


Do you really arrange everything?

We do not just select the right manufacturer that will make you get the right product. We also have a deep knowledge and master of “Incoterms”, i.e. the rules applying to international business practices.


How long should I wait for the freight to reach its destination?


After your production is finished (including customs clearing),it will take less than 5 weeks by sea to receive the goods,and about 10 days by air.


If the products must be produced specifically for you (specific model, logo...), the design and manufacturing processes can take more than one month.


Can I have a customized product manufactured in China?

Yes, it is quite possible, as long as it is not a counterfeit good. An agreement will then be signed between your company and ours. Manufacturer search fees will be charged extra.


Is importing worth in view of transportation cost?

China is emerging as the world's factory, and trade flows are characterized by huge freight volumes! This creates a competition between freight forwarders, which benefits to the import companies! Moreover, in the case of sea shipment - that we recommend most often - the cost is largely paid back by the manufacturing cost differential between China and the “developed” countries.


Where are you located in relation to manufacturing sites?

Our company has its headquarters in the very centre of the Hong Kong business district, close to the famous Guangzhou Fair, where hundreds of manufacturers in almost all sectors (medicine, furniture, food, packaging, clothing, building materials, decoration, electronic products, computers, etc.) are exhibitors.

We are situated in the province of Guangdong, covering cities such as Guangzhou,Shenzhen, Foshan, and Dongguan, where the vast majority of Chinese factories are located. So, it is a child’s play for our company to find products and manufacturers of interest to you. We also run an office in Shanghai, in another industrial region, where we can find further products made specifically.




Why should i trust you?

Our company LES NOUVEAUX EXPORTATEURS LIMITED”,based in Hong-Kong is registered in the Hong-Kong Trade Register, and all official documents and certificates can be freely put at your disposal (Certificate of Incorporation)


You pay first 30%, by transfer to our company HSBC account, then we provide you with a copy of the BL, stating that your merchandise is ready to go

Our desire is to set up lasting relationships with our customers, while our ability to be operational right away on the spot is a distinct advantage over some of our competitors, who are temporarily in China just to do their market!, and regardless of the quality and compliance of the products they sell to the customers.

We will  face this challenge with you!