MADE-FOR-WORLD.COM identify and visit in Asia the factories specializing in the manufacture of products our customers want to import.

Request for quotation:

Let us know the desired quantities so that we can negotiate the best prices from suppliers.

Once the sale price is approved by you, we can send  samples of the product you need.

Products for you:


We liaise between your company and the manufacturer selected on your behalf by our team.


Quality Control:

One of our company experts, with technical skills relevant to your sector, will be in charge of controlling the quality of your order through the production phase to shipment.

Delivery at your premises:

We work in partnership with various forwarders, selected according to the country of destination and the time of delivery. Whenever possible, we recommend a shipment by sea, which is the most cost-effective mode of transportation while being less polluting.



Being in regular contact with you, we are ready to assist you with further orders.
We will make you know if a new product that might be of interest to you is sold on the market. We also undertake to send you the documentation about sectors that might be of relevance to you (catalogues, pictures, documents, etc.).
We can also study the possibility of further co-operation on other products of your choice.

* Fees on request (depending on job complexity)



Our company is incorporated in China and is led by a French-Chinese tandem: this structure is extremely efficient in achieving technical compliance and meeting quality requirements of your western customers, through negotiations with our Chinese manufacturer network, leading to the selection of the most suitable products at the best price.


No language barrier:

While you can find everything at low price in China, the language is a challenge not easy to face, if only! Very few Chinese people can speak English, and misunderstandings may arise on the quality of your order, or in complying with your requirements.

Negotiation between Chinese:

Negotiating is an integral part of Chinese culture, so let us Chinese partners negotiate among peers if we do not want to miss an opportunity of getting lower prices!

Knowledge of China:

Who knows more about China than Chinese people? Some regions and cities in China are specialized in the manufacture of one particular product; only Chinese can know these places of specific production, which rank high both for quality and competitiveness.

Our working methods:

As a French business, we strongly advocate quality, rigorous planning, and competition between suppliers operating in the same market!


A dedicated quality control, without any prior agreement by the manufacturer we selected. Unexpected inspection visits on production sites selected on behalf of our customers are the best guarantee for us to be able to give you satisfaction, and for you to recommend MADE-FOR-WORLD.COM  to your business partners!